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Twice as nice! James Stewart and twin Nick’s lookalike daughters

Earlier this week, Home and Away fans were forced to do a double-take when a new picture of James Stewart and his twin brother Nick posing with their daughters appeared.

“The family snap that was posted on Nick’s Instagram has titled: “These two little ladies have it all over us bro @-James Stewart

It’s no wonder that the same twins look alike, James and Nick, both 45, but many followers were surprised that their daughters Scout, eight, and Grace had such a clear resemblance.
I’m the same twin, but yeah, your daughters are just a picture of each other spitting. It just looks like a double set of twins in the picture. Completely Beautiful,’ wrote one fan.

Another added: “So adorable ur daughters even look alike”

One individual also suggested attempting to trick people into having to identify the girls correctly.

Can you two take a picture where you switch kids so you’re keeping a little legend for each other? “wrote the follower.

“I just want to see how long it takes—myself included—to notice.”

“I just want to see how long it takes—myself included—to notice.”
It’s not the first time the brothers have shared a picture of their beautiful little girls with their fans for a spin.

A similar shot of the party was uploaded by Doting Dad James in July.
Annual daddy-daughter day!” he captioned the shot. #twinning, #growinguptoofast.”
James shares Scout with Jessica Marais, his former fiancee, whom he met in 2009 on the Packed To The Rafters set. In 2015, the pair separated.

James has opened up about being a dad in past interviews, including during an emotional conversation about Scout’s first day at school back in 2018.

“Speaking to Who, James revealed things at the playground gate “got real.
“James said, “It was when it hit me like her dad that I had to step back and let Scout find her first steps of freedom.

“I couldn’t help but fret for her all her life I didn’t do anything but help her. Now it’s her time. I slipped the sunnies down over my tears as she walked off.”

Scout also played a part in James’ proposal to Sarah Roberts, his new wife, who he married in Ireland last year.

James revealed that because she enjoys prince and princess movies and wished for a fairytale for her dad, his daughter was pushing him to pop the question.


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