Two More Crypto Whales Join Top 5 Biggest Holders List For New Bitcoin-Alternative

Just a few days ago a Top 5 analytical report was released on the Mollars token presale’s biggest single transaction buyers. These are the crypto investors likely to have the biggest holdings of the new Bitcoin-alternative token on Ethereum-blockchain. Since that list was released however, presales have increased, with 110000 $MOLLARS being sold in 24 hours on one day. Within those buyers were crypto whales and sharks and one made a purchase big enough to get classified into the elite status — Top 5 single transaction buyers.

Crypto-News-Flash released the first top five list two days ago, January 24th. The top buyer invested $16,367.98 (USD) while the lowest ranking crypto investor spent $3,974.98. The total of the 5 traders investments went nearly two-quarter cents over $41158.

These figures have now changed as a new crypto whale has pushed shark investors down the rankings. The list is now as follows:

The 5 Biggest $Mollars Presale Buyers by Single Transaction

  1. The biggest holder of $MOLLARS thus far is a crypto whale with Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). Their latest addition is Mollars and they’ve added a sizable amount of the new store-of-value crypto asset. In fact, this trader has bought more in Mollars than 40 of the average Americans have in their savings account together.The top single transaction buy was for $16,367.98. The investment was completed with 7 $ETH tokens according to the presale transaction address. The crypto whale now has nearly 41000 whole $MOLLARS tokens. It’s no coincidence why this investor has the funds either. They struck in the first round of the token presale, unhesitant with a large amount. If Mollars strikes predicted 44x in value or ~$16 in token value [for this investment], this whale’s portfolio will grow to a value of $731,882.53. Their take home profit from this top $Mollars purchase will be $748,250.51.A massive profit, the ‘strike first’ mentality is why this whale has such massive holdings in crypto. Smart money takes risks fearlessly when a great idea is presented as this Ethereum Whale made their purchase during the first round of the token presale.
  2. The second biggest single purchase during this ICO was for just under $10k. Another crypto whale leapt into the Mollars presale head first, dropping a bag worth $9,352.90  for 20,784.22 tokens.This purchase transaction was on January 22nd. This goliath trader used 4 Ethereum ($ETH) coins for the transaction.This was a 3rd round investment. Better some profit than no profit, when there’s a unique opportunity to buy into a token that solves a large scale problem.If $Mollars reaches the target value of $16, this investment will see an ROI profit yield of $332547.56.
  3. The third highest single buy of $Mollars tokens was logged in the 2nd round of the token presale. The amount for the purchase, $6783.98.Blockchain data reports this purchase happened 10 days ago on January 26th. The Crypto shark investor completed the transaction with Ethereum, swapping 2.9 coins for 16,959.15 Mollars tokens.This investment will net a jaw-dropping profit of $271,359.20 if the new Bitcoin-alternative reaches the predicted $16 value.
  4. A new Polygon Whale that swam into the ICO just 2 days ago from the MATIC network, on January 24th. They’ve moved 2 whales down on the top list. The heavyweight investor used 5000 $USDC stablecoins to make a purchase of 11,111 whole $MOLLARS  with a little extra token dustWhen or if the Mollars token value reaches the target value of $16 (US), this healthy investment will turn into a tank of a return. The net profit will be $271,359.20 or just enough money to buy a nice new house in a mid-sized American city.And this is also a continued trend of MATIC blockchain users buying $MOLLARS presale tokens since a report explained the difference between it and Solana’s ($SOL) predicted gains for 2024.
  5. The last trader to make the list for $Mollars biggest single transaction buyers is an Ethereum shark who held the 4th position since the first list. They are now moved down 1 spot due to the Matic whale.Completed on January 22nd, the single purchase was completed with 2 ETH. The value of the Ethereum coins was $4,678.61 USD. The shark was feasting on the ICO pool early morning, making the transaction just after 6:30AM (est).The handsome investment will yield a lavish $187,148.40 (USD) once/if the Mollars token hits the $16 target value.

There are at least another 10 Ethereum & Tether (USDT) sharks spotted in the presale transaction data. Their token presale investments range between $2000 and $4400.

With nearly 30% of the ICO supply sold out, things are moving fast. The Mollars token presale is forecasted to end in February 2024 after all tokens sell out. This will be 2 full months before the initial coin offering’s original deadline, which shows how great demand has been.

Nonetheless, there’s still a lot of single transactions to come that will be from all parts of the digital currency hierarchy: crypto whales, sharks, octopuses, dolphins, crabs, fish, and shrimp. This list is sure to be revised in days to come, with even the top spot being replaceable, though over $17,000 is a hard spot to challenge.   Most people in general don’t even have $500 in their savings account because common minds choose to invest in other things with no chance of returning a profit.

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