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Upcoming 2021 Home and Away’s boss promises wedding and pregnancies

Lucy Addario, creator of Home and Away, has given hints on what fans can hope to see this year in Summer Bay.

The show boss suggested, speaking to TV Week, that love would play a major role in upcoming dramas, with more than one pregnancy being scheduled in addition to a wedding.


“At its heart, this show is about love,” she said. “You have to see a wedding. There’ll be pregnancies and new faces. And there will be events that throw the Bay into disarray.”

Addario, meanwhile, vowed that viewers will find out the fate of Colby Thorne as he is currently spending time in jail for the murder of Ross Nixon. Rumors say that actor Tim Franklin has finished filming, which does not bode well for the former police.

We can see whether or not he’s going to survive in jail,”We see if he’ll survive in prison or not,”

“One of the big fears, particularly from Dean who’s spent time in prison, is that when they find out Colby’s a cop, he’s a goner.”

“to try to make things right” Willow Harris will return to Summer Bay and check on Dean Thompson, while the love triangle between Ziggy Astoni, Dean, and Tane Parata looks set to grow in 2021.

Addario also talked about Lewis, Luke Arnold’s latest character, who is Jasmine Delaney’s love interest.

She teased, “They did date back at uni,” Lewis, hopefully, is the one to make Jasmine take her wedding ring off.


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