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EastEnders spoilers: Walford shocked by a horrific murder

EASTENDERS has had a fair share of murders, with Walford having been home to multiple killers in the past 35 years. It seems, however, that one character could be set to repeat a past mistake by taking another life as they make a heartbreaking discovery.

Peter Beale (played by Dayle Hudson) has been at the center of quite a bit of controversy since he comeback to EastEnders following a five-year hiatus earlier this year.

The Walford Heartthrob, as well as wooing the ladies of the Square Heartthrob, had to adjust to living with his little brother Bobby Beale again, given that the youngster was the reason he left the BBC drama half a decade back.

However, as Dotty Cotton’s siblings are both currently pursuing affections, it seems like they could once again lock the horns.

Will the former young offender murder his older brother in the act of vengeance on the BBC soap in the past?

Back in 2015 and just before Peter left the square for New Zealand, his twin sister Lucy Beale (Hetti Bywater) was killed in cold blood, and her body was found on Walford Common.

As the police investigation began, the deceased was revealed to be Murdered at home, then moved sometime later with her body.

Several residents were put in the firing line as being the guilty party, just to have it emerge in the live episode for the 30th anniversary of the show that Bobby accidentally killed his sister.

It was his adoptive mother Jane Beale who helped cover for her son, but the truth was brought to light after he attacked her too.

The character was reformed in a three-year youth offender center to try and direct his rage into something else, but as a touch of the green-eyed monster rises to the surface in upcoming scenes, will he be forced to claim another life?

In recent episodes, fans have watched Peter strike up a flirty romance with Dotty, seeing that the character he wanted to have a relationship with, Lola Pearce, has already taken.

As the young mechanic, the connection was mutual immediately found herself attracted to the pulse on his return to the Square in February.

Someone who didn’t realize the chemistry between the two was Bobby, who, after months of trying to adjust back into family life, found fresh confidence and asked his brother’s love interest on a date.

Dot Cotton’s (June Brown) granddaughter saw this as something on the level of friendship, so he continued to flirt with his older sibling at the same time.

Although he knew that something was going on between the pair, he tried to put his thoughts to the back of his mind, not realizing that his brother had taken it To the next Dotty Level.

Scenes that air earlier this week saw the pair give up to the temptation and eventually reciprocate their feelings for each other by kissing each other several times.

In upcoming scenes, Peter’s young brother is dealt a cruel blow as his dad, Ian Beale (Adam Woodyatt), sees a chance to drive a wedge between the young mechanic and his family.

The businessman is at current being blackmailed by the love interest of his sons in the death of Dennis Rickman (Bleu Landau), in which he has played a part.

Armed with the ammunition of witnessing a kiss, Ian tells his youngest of Peter’s deception, which leaves him utterly heartbroken.

Bobby struggled to get a handle on his emotions at points, so could his dark side begin to emerge as he plots revenge?

Having killed one of the twins by accident, he could commit murder this time as he wanted to do as much harm to his brother as he could.

Or will he accept that his feelings for Dotty will never be reciprocated, and will he gracefully admit defeat by walking away from the situation?

If Peter doesn’t end up dead, another way for his young brother to get back to him is if he discovers that the heartthrob had a one-night stand with Lola.

The latter had gone through a rough patch in her relationship with Jay Brown (Jamie Borthwick) at the time and found comfort in the arms of her former lover.

She then found out, however, that she was pregnant, with no idea who the father could be as she was quick to get things back on track with her boyfriend.

Stumbling across this information, could Bobby’s vengeance be more calculating than turning violently to his cheating?


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