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When is Maisie Smith leaving EastEnders as Tiffany?


EastEnders will air Maisie Smith’s final scenes as Tiffany Butcher soon.

The actress, singer, and Instagram sensation initially appeared on the show in 2008 as a child actor, aged six, and immediately captured audiences’ hearts with her sass.

She recently played Tiff as a teenager and adult in plotlines that featured a drugs gang ordeal, a sexual assault, and a love tale, as well as her marriage to Keegan Baker (Zack Morris).

This recently went horribly wrong when the pair separated up, despite the fact that there is still a spark between them.

When will Maisie Smith’s role as Tiffany end?
The closing moments of Maisie Smith’s character Tiffany Butcher will air on the week of December 13th.

Maisie added of filming her final scenes, ‘Shona and I actually cried the whole way through and afterwards, we were so emotional.’

‘We’ve said goodbye on the program before, like six or seven years ago, but this time it was extra tougher since we’ve formed such a wonderful sister friendship.’

‘It was a difficult few of weeks since we shoot out of order, so my final moments with folks were spread out over a month.’

What will happen during Tiffany’s final scenes?

Maisie’s final scenes are presently unknown, however they are expected to include those close to her including Whitney (Shona McGarty), Liam (Alfie Deegan), and Keegan.

Tiff has had a difficult few weeks as she’s realized that, despite being in a relationship with Aaron Monroe, she’s still in love with Keegan (Charlie Wernham).

Will she be able to leave Walford with a happy ending?

What is Maisie Smith’s next move?

Maisie Smith is rumored to have signed up for Channel 4’s forthcoming celebrity series of SAS: Who Dares Wins.

‘Maisie wants to show there’s more to her than the charming Tiffany character she’s been known for since she was six,’ a source claimed.

‘In Strictly, she got a taste of life outside of EastEnders and appreciated the independence.’

‘She signed up when she told ‘Enders’ executives she was quitting, and she can’t wait to get digging in and prove her grit,’ the source told The Sun.

‘She’s determined to make a good impression, but she knows it’ll be difficult.’

After leaving EastEnders, Maisie’s multi-talented personality might pursue a variety of creative endeavors.


She enjoys sharing singing videos on social media, so she might decide to concentrate on her musical abilities.

Maisie speaks exclusively to about her new single ‘Good Thing’ in 2016.

‘We are all extremely sad to see Maisie leave,’ program producer Jon Sen said of Maisie’s departure. During her time on EastEnders, she’s been a lovely member of the cast, and it’s been a pleasure to watch her grow into the star she is today.

‘In Tiff, she has created an iconic figure, and the path to her return is always open.’ We wish her the best of luck with her future endeavors.’

‘It’s time to bid Tiff farewell,’ Maisie added. Since 2008, I’ve been a fan of EastEnders and have learned from the greatest over the last 13 years.

‘I’m extremely thrilled for my next challenge, and I’m grateful to the BBC for giving me this opportunity as a 6-year-old.’


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