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When will EastEnders air during the 2021 Euros? It was dropped for football, which enraged fans.

Fans of EastEnders are outraged that the show has been canceled in favor of football.

The BBC soap will be off the air for four weeks as the Euros 2021 go off, deviating from its regular schedule.
Fans of EastEnders are enraged.

The snarl began last night (June 11), when the program was pushed back, and viewers are already fed up.

“There will be no EastEnders on due of the Euros,” one added. I’m already sick of them, and it hasn’t even begun.”

“And yes, I’m still [expletive] unhappy the Euros impact Corrie and EastEnders being shown,” a second added. #EUROS2020 #Corrie #EastEnders

“Eastenders isn’t on because of the Euros, and there isn’t even a UK TEAM playing?” remarked a third. Outrage.”

Furious fans, on the other hand, won’t have to wait long for their next fix.

On Monday, the BBC – and ITV – will make the soaps available for streaming.

Fans will be able to binge watch the episodes on iPlayer and ITV Hub every Monday morning for the next month.

They will also continue to air on television. However, because schedules are scattered all over the place, fans can catch up at any time.

“Giving EastEnders viewers the flexibility to chose when they drop in on all things Albert Square is something we’re pleased about,” said EastEnders producer Jon Sen.

“With the inevitable scheduling adjustments owing to the Euros, which we’ll be celebrating on screen in Walford, boxing all four episodes will ensure that everyone gets their fill of drama and football lovers won’t miss out,” says the executive producer.

“From binge-watching them all in one night to spreading them out over a few days to watching the episodes on BBC One.

“Over the next three weeks, we hope the infinite streaming options on BBC iPlayer keep audiences entertained.”

Euros 21 had an impact on Coronation Street as well.

“There are a lot of major rivalries throughout the Cobbles this summer,” Corrie boss Iain MacLeod remarked. And I believe it will be similar to rooting for your favorite sports team.

“They will disappoint you at times, make blunders, and possibly score a few own goals.

But you’ll stick with them until the end, and everyone who criticizes them will be damned.

“Given the thrilling nature of the stories, it’s fantastic that fans will be able to binge watch all of the episodes on ITV Hub at the start of each week.

“Sometimes, much like in football, when there’s an amazing face-off, you really want extra time.”

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