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When will EastEnders be back on air?

Since running out of scripts due to the coronavirus pandemic, EASTENDERS viewers were shocked when the BBC One drama went off the air for the first time in its 35 year existence. But with the soap’s finale finishing on June 16 with some whopping cliffhangers, what we still want to know is when the production will resume and when will the BBC One soap return to our screens? Here’s what you need to remember ……


When is EastEnders going to start filming?
EastEnders star Tanya Franks has announced that in the week starting June 29 the soap will be back to shooting.

The actor who stars on the soap with Rainie Branning-has shared the news in a tweet.

Posted on Twitter, Tanya said: “I look forward to working again next week with this geezer @RickyChamp1 and bringing Rainie and Stuart back into some # Stainie practice. # EastEnders.”

Regardless of the coronavirus pandemic, the soap was forced to stop production back in March, with the number of weekly episodes cutting in an attempt to keep the series on the air for as long as possible.

When is EastEnders going back on the air?
An insider show suggested in early June that the soap may not return until September. The source told the Mirror: “We usually work 6-8 weeks ahead of what audiences see on the television, in terms of a series of plots, so when we resume work, we ‘d try to do the same again.

“Filming under the current laws and regulations would take longer, and we may be back on the television at the end of August, but that’s ambitious and it could take longer than that, which will mean the September soap returns.”And EastEnders star Dayle Hudson may have unwittingly announced that the soap will not return until September by posting new scripts on its Instagram account, one of which has a deadline for transmission read September 8.

The good thing is that the BBC has recently announced that it will be down to four episodes a week as the soap returns-but each episode will be 20 minutes long, instead of the normal 30.

The news will be a relief for viewers who were left hanging on a huge cliffhanger after the final on Tuesday, June 16. Fans were left speechless when Sharon Mitchell and Ian Beale swooped in to purchase Queen Vic, leaving Sharon’s ex-husband and prospective bidder Phil Mitchell furious and setting the stage beautifully for the soap ‘s popular doof theme tune.

BBC One spin-off series Secrets From The Square is airing in EastEnders’ usual Monday slot


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