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Where is Dieter Brummer now? Shane Parris has ditched acting in favour of a VERY different career path

In the 1990s, he played Shane Parris is one of the most popular Australian soaps, Home and Away. But since then, Dieter Brummer, now 44, has quit acting in favor of a totally different career direction.

The former soap star now runs his own window cleaning service, according to The Daily Telegraph – and is out of the acting scene for good.

Following his tenure on the show, he had previously made headlines for his long-running rivalry with the actress who played his on-screen wife, Angel Brooks (Melissa George).
Although they looked like the dream pair on the show, far from idyllic was their relationship away from the soap.

‘A lot of pressure has been placed on us. We had to look in public like the fine, darling pair,’ Dieter said that; ‘It wasn’t like an off-screen thing. All was on video.’

After announcing he despised working with Melissa, Dieter made headlines in 2012 and even begged producers to kill his character so that he could avoid her diva requirements.

At that time he told Women’s Day: ‘We might have been interested in love on the show, but the chemistry was far from true! ‘

Melissa has meanwhile, made no secret of the fact that she resents her participation in the iconic Australian soap.

In 2012, in an interview that has haunted her since, she famously denounced her reputation as a Home and Away alumnus.

‘I no longer need legitimacy from my country. I just need all of them to be still,’ she snapped.

‘If they do not have anything intelligent to say, please no longer talk to me. I would rather get a croissant and an espresso in Paris, or stroll around New York City with my French bulldog.’


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