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Where’s Corrie legend who played serial killer Richard Hillman 20 years after his reign of terror started?

With his slithering antics, Richard Hillman pulled approximately 20 million Corrie viewers at the height of his terrifying stay on the nation’s most renowned street.

After murdering Maxine Peacock and assaulting babysitter Emily Bishop with a crowbar, Dick Dastardly famously drove his wife Gail and her family into the canal.

And now we can’t listen to The Wannadies’ You and Me Song without being reminded of Weatherfield’s ‘Norman Bates with a briefcase.’

His reign of terror on Coronation Street began in 2001, two years before he bludgeoned Maxine over the head with a crowbar and left Emily for dead.

When he arrived in Weatherfield for the funeral of his late cousin Alma Baldwin, he met Alma’s best friend Gail for the first time.

Richard concealed a homicidal streak as well as ongoing financial problems while playing happy families with Gail and her two children Sarah and David. They married the following year, but it had already been revealed that Richard had a homicidal streak as well as ongoing financial problems while playing happy families with Gail and her two children Sarah and David.

He killed his ex-wife Patricia with a shovel and left his business partner Duggie Ferguson to die when he fell down a stairs during a money dispute.


When Richard attempted to drag Gail and her children into the canal, they were all rescued.

For the role, Brian won the British Soap Award for Villain of the Year.

While back on his time on the famed cobbles in 2018, he called the Pat Phelan killing spree plotline as “brutal” and claimed humour was crucial to the story of Richard and the Platt family.

He praised Connor McIntyre, who played the homicidal Phelan until he was stabbed by Anna Windass on the soap: “I met him at the Soap Awards, and I think he’s done a fantastic job with the plot.

“The Phelan tale, on the other hand, was a little harsh.

“Richard was interrupted from trying to kill Emily on Christmas Day and it was funny at the same time with a little wink to the audience.”

When Brian was spotted in the crowd at the British Soap Awards 2018, seated behind Helen Worth, who plays Gail, there was a lot of speculation that he would be returning to Weatherfield.

Richard had returned from the dead earlier that year, via psychic medium Rosemary Piper, to haunt Gail.

“They sat me next to Helen on purpose,” laughed Brian.

“It was clever but no I’m no going back.

“You would never beat that and it would be a big mistake to go back apart from the fact that I’m dead.

“And now it seems that his genes have seeped through to my stepson David.”

Brian, aged 74, is most known for his role as Nathan Detroit in the Guys and Dolls theatrical tour in 2007.


In the same year, he dressed up on sequins to join the cast of Strictly Come Dancing, where he was paired with Karen Hardy but was ousted in the first episode.

In the 2008 ITV crime thriller Midsomer Murders, he played Dave Hicks, the Mayor of Causton.

In 2013, he co-starred in BBC One’s blockbuster drama New Tricks, alongside Only Fools and Horses icon Nicholas Lyndhurst, about a group of retired ex-cops reinvestigating the Met’s unsolved cases.

In 2014, he co-starred with Maxine Peake in the BBC legal drama Silk.

Brian starred as Principal Kipling in Adam Brown and Ryan McDermott’s Comedy Central satire Staff Room, which was set in a northern school.

When he joined the cast of the 50th anniversary staging of the family-favorite musical Doctor Dolittle at The Lowry theatre at Salford Quays in 2018, he was a million miles away from Richard’s brutal crimes.

Brian pleased fans last summer when he went to the theatre with Connor and John Altman, who played EastEnders villain Nick Cotton.

John shared the picture of the trio on Twitter, writing: “Bad boys united. ‘Wonder Birds ‘. Duchess Theatre last night.”


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