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WHITNEY ‘S PAIN EastEnders spoilers: Gray makes a surprise revelation of the night that Leo died that could improve Whitney’s defence

When Whitney manages to give a detailed account of the night, the lawyer is thrilled and hopes it might strengthen her defense in the trial.


Fans of EastEnders know Whitney’s been through hell in the last few weeks after accidentally killing her stalker Leo King. After being arrested for his murder, she has been released from prison on bail but is terrified by the outcome of her upcoming trial.

Fans watched her lawyer Gray grow closer to Whitney as he went to great lengths to find evidence to prove she acted in self-defense. He was thrilled in March when he stumbled across evidence that Leo had been hiding and watching her from a peephole in the attic room above Whitney.

Tonight’s EastEnders episodes will see Whitney haunted by the night memories of Leo’s gruesome death.

Gray gets depressed when he sees her walking through the streets and takes her back to his house to look through the situation. Gray then encourages Whitney to continue with the flashbacks and try to put together what happened when Leo was killed the night-hopefully helping her defense in the trial.

Gray is delighted as Whitney decides to give a thorough account to Gray. Will it help him build the defense of Whitney, and free her from prison? Gray then comforts a distraught Whitney but is surprised to kiss him as she bends in. Will Gray back-kiss her?

EastEnders fans are convinced that after they spotted tension brewing between the pair, Whitney and Gray will embark on an affair. Yet actor Toby-Alexander Smith-who plays Gray on the program-told Radio Times that Gray needs to stay purely discreet about his friendship with Whitney: “Gray is totally taken off balance by the touch. Sure it wasn’t part of the plan! It will certainly add a new element to the case for which he had not been prepared.

“Gray has absolutely no feelings about Whitney at this point. His main agenda is to try to keep her calm, and to encourage her to remain positive, not panic. “I think he can help her from a predominantly good place but I don’t think he would expect Whitney to have any kind of emotional connection. It’s purely professional.”


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