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Why Andrew Morley WON’T return to Home And Away anytime soon

The sweetest possible reason. 

Having had major roles in Australia’s two biggest soaps – Neighbours and Home And Away – between 2013 and 2019, it’s no surprise Andrew Morley was often being stopped in the street by fans.

Just two years on from leaving Ramsay Street and the 31-year-old reveals to New Idea things have certainly settled down since then.

“I’ve been able to kind of enjoy being a dad and give them [my kids] the best opportunities they could have and not need to worry about losing too much privacy,” Andrew tells New Idea exclusively.

“I still get recognized down the street, which is completely fine, but it was getting to a point where some people weren’t as respectful as they potentially could be.”

The father-of-three has stepped away from the spotlight to work as a firefighter in Melbourne.

That isn’t to say he won’t return to Neighbours or Home And Away; in fact, he made a cameo appearance on Ramsay Street for the show’s 35th anniversary early last year.

Summer Bay, on the other hand, Andrew says he’d gladly return in the right circumstances, which means alongside his on-screen brother, Johnny Ruffo, who is presently battling brain cancer.

“I would love to get an invite back; I miss a lot of those friends.

“It would be hard to ever bring me back without associating with Johnny’s character. And, I feel out of respect to him; unless he was ever in a spot to want to do that, I would not be pushing to get us back on.”

Andrew is still using his voice to assist raise awareness about mental health, despite the fact that he will remain somewhat out of the spotlight for the time being. This year, he’ll take part in The Push-Up Challenge, which requires participants to complete 3,318 push-ups in 25 days (or as many as they can) to raise money for Lifeline and Headspace.

“I’ve had my bad periods, but getting physical, getting outside, talking to friends, and just talking about your thoughts is what’s going to help you get through things, just like this [push-up challenge] is going to help you get over things.”


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