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Your who’s who guide to the current Home And Away cast

Summer Bay is a fictional town where a lot of things happen.

The coastal site is a hotbed for exceptional levels of drama, as if it has been touched by some mystical force.

As a result, the cast of Home And Away is always changing.

There are unexpected visitors, such as estranged ex-spouses with a love child and half-siblings who had previously been kept a family secret.

Then there’s the matter of exits. The exits, oh, the exits.

We’re talking terrible deaths, life sentences in prison, and cheerful endings when characters drive out into the sunset to live somewhere else on rare occasions.

With so many changes, we’ve compiled a list of who is currently appearing on screen from the primary cast.

Sam Barrett – Chloe Anderson

Mia Anderson – Anna Samson

Christian Green – Ditch Davey

Tane Parata – Ethan Browne

Nikau Parata – Kawakawa Fox-Reo

Ari Parata – Rob Kipa-Williams

Mackenzie Booth – Emily Weir

Bella Nixon – Courtney Miller

Dean Thompson – Patrick O’Connor

Jasmine Delaney – Sam Frost

Ryder Jackson – Lukas Radovich

Ziggy Astoni – Sophie Dillman

Justin Morgan – James Stewart

Tori Morgan – Penny McNamee

John Palmer – Shane Wtihington

Leah Patterson – Ada Nicodemou

Irene Roberts – Lynne McGranger

Marilyn Chamber – Emily Symons

Roo Stewart – Georgie Parker

Alf Stewart – Ray Meagher


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