EastEnders: Nugget set for sexuality struggle storyline, a new fan theory predicts

Tuesday, May 14, at 8 p.m., on EastEnders, Nugget attempted to console Amy following Denzel’s aggressive outburst at a party.

But soon enough, he got the wrong end of the stick and tried to kiss her, only to have it rejected.

According to a recent fan theory on EastEnders, viewers will soon witness Nugget grapple with his sexuality.

EastEnders: Nugget tried to kiss Amy

Nugget was in Walford yesterday, at Denzel’s party. But soon, he began to feel excluded because he was sitting by himself while others were sharing kisses or making their way to the bedroom in couples.

Amy and Denzel attempted to sleep together in the interim, but Denzel’s use of steroids caused him to have trouble.

Then, blaming Amy for his own problems, he implied that Amy’s scars were the cause.

After that, upset, Amy left, despite Nugget’s attempts to console her. Amy told him the same thing, but he told her not to change.

Then, misjudging the circumstances, he attempted to kiss Amy, but she turned him down and went back home to tell Penny.

EastEnders fan theory: Nugget set for sexuality struggle?

One fan has come up with a new theory about Nugget after observing the character feel excluded from the party.

They believe that he will soon be seen on the soap opera struggling with his sexuality.

According to a fan theory, Nugget may be having sexual identity issues, and Ravi’s friends may be trying to convince him that it’s just a phase and that Suki is to blame for brainwashing him. only for a few weeks, after which Nugget comes to terms with being bisexual, and they all lead happy, fulfilled lives.

“I’m really starting to think that Nugget could be gay,” a fan commented.

“Nugget is gay,” exclaimed a different viewer.

What’s to come for Nugget?

According to EastEnders spoilers, Nugget begins to worry about his friendships and believes that taking steroids will help him overcome his issues.

Then he begs Denzel to give it to him. Will Denzel, though, comply with Nugget’s demands?