Emmerdale spoilers tonight: Tom takes control of Belle’s finances as he isolates her further

Tonight (Wednesday, May 15), according to Emmerdale spoilers, Tom will continue to mistreat Belle by trying to exert control over another area of her life.

He attempts to take financial control over Belle by opening a joint bank account. He also makes an effort to keep Belle away from her relatives.

But as Tom assumes control over another aspect of Belle’s life, will she discover what his scheme is in Emmerdale spoilers?

Emmerdale spoilers: Tom sets up a joint bank account

Watchers will be aware that Tom has been mistreating Belle and has been in charge of all facets of her life, including her job, relationships with family, and home life.

Tom now takes things a step further and takes charge of Belle’s finances in tonight’s ITV soap opera episode.

After separating Belle even more from her loved ones, Tom creates a joint bank account so he can manage Belle’s finances.

Will Belle, though, just accept it? Or will she see that this might not be the best course of action?

Emmerdale spoilers: Mandy asks Gabby for help

Since Tom started interfering and trying to set Vinny up with someone after learning that he was still a virgin, Vinny has been feeling lonely.

Mandy talks to Gabby briefly tonight because Vinny is having a hard time, and she asks if she can spend some time with him to help him feel better. Will Gabby consent?

Nicola has a lot on her mind

Nicola is stressed out trying to get everything ready for the village fete because she knows she still has a long way to go. Could she make the event work? Does she have enough time to complete every plan that she has?