Emmerdale: Belle to stab Tom in self-defence, a new fan theory predicts

In Emmerdale’s Tuesday, May 7 episode, Belle and Tom hosted a dinner party at their house, but the evening turned out to be a terrible one.

Over dinner, Rhona and Marlon called it quits on their marriage while Tom persisted in abusing his wife behind closed doors.

According to a recent fan theory on Emmerdale, Belle will murder Tom in upcoming scenes.

Emmerdale: Belle and Tom’s dinner party

Belle was getting ready for their dinner party in the Dales yesterday evening, and Tom was observing everything Belle did in the kitchen.

Belle was instructed by Tom to get dressed more appropriately. Then he noticed the contraceptive pill pack hidden in the draw.

Tom announced to everyone that he and Belle were trying for a child as soon as the guests arrived, and soon after Rhona and Marlon were fighting over the dinner table.

Belle nipped upstairs to see how Piper was doing, pretending that the onions had made her cry. However, she was soon confronted by a menacing Tom. But before things got worse, Mandy broke up the couple.

After the guests had left for the evening, Tom confronted Belle about the pill pack and gave her a spanking by submerging her hands in scalding hot water from the running tap.

Tom walked up to the bed, acting as if nothing had happened, leaving Belle in agony.

Emmerdale fan theory: Belle to kill Tom?

A viewer observed that the camera favored a picture of Belle using a knife to cut the cake.

According to a recent fan theory, this might have been a premonition of Belle stabbing and murdering Tom in the future.

According to the fan theory, after a close-up of the knife Belle intended to use to cut the cake, Tom was shown on screen just as someone (Marlon?) mentioned getting stabbed in the back.

“I hope they don’t end up like Yasmeen and Geoff on Coronation Street, where Belle stabs Tom in self-defense and then faces attempted murder charges for the next six months.”

Another admirer said, “It really brought back memories of Yasmeen and Geoff at the sink, but Yasmeen bottled it up and assumed Belle would kill him. The CCTV footage will be available as proof of what Tom did to Belle in the event that she is found not guilty.

“I wonder if Belle will just turn around and kill him, I’ll be thrilled,” a third person said, adding to the theory. I’ll be incredibly [bleep] proud. Just let it happen, please. Would you kindly ask for forgiveness?

Could Belle strike back at Tom?

Although Belle is beginning to see Tom for the true man, she is still imprisoned in the marriage for the time being.

Although Gemma Andrews passed away, she has killed before; will she soon turn against Tom once more? How much longer until Belle loses it?