Coronation Street spoilers tonight: Bethany shell shocked after seeing her abuser Nathan

Spoilers for tonight’s Coronation Street reveal Bethany believes she sees Nathan Curtis, but she is plagued by a face from her past. Is that, however, really him?

Maria learns about Sarah and Gary in the interim, but what will she do with the knowledge?

Glenda discovers the truth regarding Archie’s will during Wednesday’s trip to the cobblestones as well. What will she say?

Coronation Street spoilers: Bethany sees Nathan

Bobby, Max, Beth, and Bethany assemble to watch the reconstruction of Lauren’s last known movements. A second group of people is also observing, and soon Bethany recognizes her abuser Nathan Curtis among them.

She is obviously in distress as she struggles and is unsure of what to do. She tells Daniel what she believes she saw when he notices her upset. Unconvinced, he tells her that Nathan is in jail and that Lauren’s stress is the only thing affecting her.

However, Bethany is adamant, so she can’t resist getting involved when Nicky calls to say she’s meeting a girl named Ellie for information. Bethany is convinced Nathan must have been involved in Ellie’s teenage grooming as well.

But is she correct? Was Nathan really there, or was she just seeing things? And is he the reason Lauren’s whereabouts are missing?

Maria catches Gary out

Maria is working extremely hard to support her son Liam while he is still in the hospital. She informs Billy and Paul that Liam has been considering suicide.

When she goes back home to get him some stuff, she is uneasy to see Gary and Sarah together and think they look shady. She picks up a few items and, while feigning normalcy, discreetly mounts a camera on the side of her body.

Sarah and Gary embrace and decide to keep their distance for the time being. Maria’s expression darkens as she watches the scene unfold on her phone. What information has she discovered?

Glenda learns the truth in Coronation Street spoilers

Glenda, who is desperate to purchase Little Big Shotz, makes Estelle an offer: she will take out a credit card and pay Estelle back over time in equal monthly payments. George intervenes as soon as he hears and informs Estelle Glenda that she is unable to make the monthly repayments.

Glenda cries to Todd about her brother’s treachery because she is so enraged. However, Todd completely misunderstands the situation and believes she has learned of the will.

Glenda demands to know exactly what he’s talking about, seeing right through him. When she finds out, though, how will she handle George?

Alya leaves

Yasmeen senses that Adam and Alya are having an affair. When will she miss him, she questions her granddaughter. Alya is still evasive.

However, it becomes obvious that there is a connection between them when Adam gives her a pricey law book for her trip to Dublin. Will Alya be able to bid him farewell?

Coronation Street spoilers: Bernie steps in

Paul and Billy are upset that the MND funding was cut by the council. They let Bernie know they need to find another source of funding. She doesn’t take long to think of another idea.