As Nathan makes his Coronation Street return, his past evil stint on the cobbles and what happened with Bethany explained

This week, Nathan Curtis makes a comeback to Coronation Street, where Bethany Platt experiences a shocking realization upon meeting her abuser.

It turns out that nasty Nathan, who she had assumed was incarcerated, has been released from prison and has returned to Weatherfield to resume his job.

Bethany is shocked to see her abuser once more, and we don’t blame her because Nathan horribly mistreated her in 2017.

What then was the Nathanial story?

This is the summary.

How did Bethany meet Nathan?

Nathan followed his ex-girlfriend Shona Ramsay, who is now Shona Platt, to Coronation Street.

On Christmas Day, a distressed Bethany Platt overindulged in diet pills. Tyrone brought the teen to the hospital after Nathan discovered her unconscious.

After that, Bethany went to find Nathan at his job at the tanning salon, and they had a conversation. Nathan drew Bethany in with his charm and flattery right away. They started dating in spite of their significant age gap.

What happened next?

Nathan tricked Bethany into having sex with him, with a little assistance from his “assistant” Mel. He then started to distance her from her relatives.

He was a nasty piece of work who had bent police officer Neil Clifton by using Bethany to pay off his debts. Neil had developed an intense romantic interest in Bethany, and both Nathan and Neil were involved in a circle of sexual exploitation.

How did Bethany get away from Nathan?

Nathan wanted to take Bethany away after successfully severing her from her family. Though he pretended to be on vacation, his true intention was to sell her to an international sex ring.

However, Bethany was beginning to realize how dangerous things were for her at this point. When they pulled into a service station, the frightened child told an unknown family that she was in trouble and begged for help because she didn’t want to leave.

She testified in court against Nathan and Neil and courageously told the police everything. When they were both sentenced to prison for their crimes, Bethany felt relieved.

Nathan is back now, though. Furthermore, given his past of mistreating young women, we’re wondering if he has anything to do with Lauren’s disappearance.

Who plays Nathan Curtis?

Christopher Harper is the actor who plays Nathan. He has had a prosperous acting career, costarring with Victoria Wood in Call the Midwife, Life on Mars, Upstairs Downstairs, and Housewife, 49.

He recently revealed that he will be performing in the Art theater revival alongside Seann Walsh and Aden Gillet.

Is Christopher Harper married?

Christopher is wed to Emily Bowker, a fellow actress. She has acted in television series including The Bill, Shameless, and Holby City.