Emmerdale: Belle and Tom dinner party episode was ‘confusing,’ fans complain

The format of Emmerdale changed last night when Belle and Tom threw a dinner party. Some fans became confused because they couldn’t keep up with the different style.

What transpired last night in Emmerdale, then?

Emmerdale airs format-breaking dinner party episode

Tom and Belle invited his coworkers over for dinner. The public side of the party was shown in the first part of the show.

The main topic of discussion was Rhona and Marlon’s failing marriage. Over the course of the evening, they both made snide remarks to one another, which led to a major argument.

While Rhona acknowledged that she didn’t truly feel bad about putting Gus in jail, she believed Marlon didn’t love her and that’s why their marriage appeared to be over.

The others in the room, including Vanessa, Suzy, Mandy, and Paddy, became extremely uneasy as a result. Belle begged them to stay, but they made up an excuse to go.

Following the commercial break, the action resumed where it left off, with us seeing the dinner party from behind closed doors. It centered on Belle, Tom, and his horrendous mistreatment.

When he found out she was still taking her birth control, he became extremely aggressive. He called her a lying [bleep], exploded at her after the guests had left, and held her hand under a boiling hot tap.

Devastated that he had injured her, she let out a cry. But will he apologize and regret his actions?

Fans express confusion

Those watching at home were a little confused when the second half of the episode started from the beginning!

“What’s going on with Emmerdale? Have I overlooked anything? For a minute there, I believed that ITV was replaying the entire thing. One person on X said, “I’m confused.

“Oh so it’s like two episodes of the story in the same night,” said another. When Rona told Marion to shut up, I became confused and thought I had deja vu.

What the heck is happening? Another questioned, “After the advertisements, they are showing it from the beginning?!”

A fourth person said, “I’m really confused. I had a quick look around. Did it start up again?

“A moment in the past, it was night, and the next, it was day.feeling lightheaded!” laughed a fifth time.

“Eh?” exclaimed some others. Is this Emmerdale episode backwards? “and “Why on earth are they doing it again? Ffs.

Praise for Emmerdale dinner party episode

Some were confused, but others were astounded by Emmerdale’s excellence.

“Tonight’s episode was truly exceptional for the first time in a very long time! The tension building and the music! Excellent reporting on the use of coercion that results in physical abuse. It should never have to be endured by a woman. Never!” exclaimed one.

“What a masterpiece of an episode tonight but terrifyingly frightening too!” exclaimed another.

The Emmerdale episode tonight was outstanding. The episode’s first half depicts Marlon and Rhona’s failing marriage. When compared to the reality of Belle and Tom’s forced marriage, it falls flat. Another person said, “Emmerdale, take a bow; that was one of the best episodes of the year.”