Emmerdale: Mandy is suspicious of Tom abuse, fans predict

Mandy went to Tom and Belle’s house last night (Tuesday, May 7) for a dinner party along with Paddy, Suzy, Vanessa, Rhona, and Marlon in Emmerdale.

However, Mandy was soon shocked to learn that Belle and Tom were attempting to conceive.

Viewers of the ITV soap opera have now speculated that Mandy may be aware of Tom’s abusive actions.

Emmerdale: Mandy checked on Belle

Last night, Mandy and Paddy caused quite a stir when they pretended to be in love in front of Belle, Tom, Rhona, and Marlon.

Tom had surreptitiously discovered Belle’s concealed pack of birth control pills in the kitchen, and he then sat back at the table and told everyone that they were trying for a child.

Then, after feigning tears over the onions, Belle left the table to go check on Piper the Dog and made her way upstairs.

After a tense exchange in which Tom followed her into the bathroom and threatened her, Mandy asked if everything was okay.

Knowing that Belle wasn’t ready to have children just yet, she had been surprised to hear about the baby.

However, Belle assured Mandy that everything was alright before returning to the downstairs to join the others.

Emmerdale fans ‘rumble’ Tom downfall in Mandy Dingle twist

Viewers of Emmerdale have questioned if Mandy is aware that Belle isn’t quite right.

They believe that, in light of the events of last night, Mandy is wary of Tom and may have become aware of his mistreatment of Belle.

“I’m sure Mandy suspects something – she didn’t waste time coming up the stairs after Belle and Tom,” a fan said in a comment.

“Banking on Mandy realizing that something is wrong after going upstairs tonight,” said another commenter.

“I hope Mandy following them upstairs means she’s cottoned on,” a third viewer commented.

Is Mandy suspicious of Tom?

Belle recently told Mandy that she wasn’t ready for children yet, so Mandy was taken aback when she learned of the couple’s plans for a baby yesterday.

Is Mandy worried about Belle now that she’s noticed her upset? Does she think Belle has been abused by Tom?