Coronation Street: Nicky is working with Nathan, a new fan theory predicts

In Weatherfield, Nicky paid Daniel a visit during Coronation Street’s Wednesday, May 8 episode, hoping to provide him with some clarification regarding Lauren.

Then, in the hopes that she might know something that could help them, she met up with a young woman named Ellie who had been groomed.

However, a recent fan theory on Corrie implies that Nicky might be collaborating with Nathan Curtis.

Coronation Street: Nicky tried to help Daniel

Lauren’s last known movements were reconstructed by the police last night at the precinct. But as soon as Bethany recognized Nathan in the throng, she became uneasy.

She later told Daniel who she had seen, but he didn’t think she was telling the truth. Nicky appeared shortly after and consented to assist Daniel in uncovering information regarding Lauren in order to establish his innocence.

Then, when she was a teenager, she ran into a young woman who had been groomed. Ellie, the woman, implied that she had some knowledge of Lauren.

However, Bethany cut them off quickly because she thought Nathan was manipulating Ellie. Then she requested to see her arm to look for burn marks from cigarettes.

The girl was scared off, and Bethany ruined their opportunity to learn anything about Lauren.

Coronation Street fan theory: Nicky and Nathan working together?

One fan has grown suspicious because Bethany thinks she saw Nathan at the reconstruction.

They believe that Nicky is not at all on Daniel and Bethany’s side and is, in fact, working with Nathan.

With reference to Nathan, the fan conjectured: “Nicky is working with Bethany’s old groomer.”

Is Nicky assisting Daniel merely as a friend, though? Or does she possess knowledge about both Nathan and Lauren?

Are Nathan and Nicky connected?

According to spoilers for Coronation Street, Bethany was correct when she said that Nathan had returned to the cobbles following his release from jail several months prior.

But, has he got anything to do with Lauren’s disappearance? Is he collaborating with Nicky?