Emmerdale: Real life of Nicky actor Lewis Cope – from actress girlfriend to David Beckham connection

Thursday, May 9, Nicky in Emmerdale will be left fighting for his life following a car accident. Driver Ethan Anderson left the scene; it’s unclear if he will survive.

For actor Lewis Cope, who plays Nicky, it appears that there will be plenty of drama in the upcoming weeks.

Thankfully, Lewis has much more stability in real life. He’s been dating for the past six years.

In addition, he has a large family, a dancing background, and a relationship with David Beckham. The skinny on Lewis is as follows.

Who is Nicky in Emmerdale?

In December 2022, Nicky started working as a new nanny at Home Farm in Emmerdale. He appeared to be almost too perfect. And Gabby warmed up to him right away.

Gabby and Nicky eventually bonded after much resistance on his part and an unrelenting pursuit on hers. They didn’t tell anyone about their relationship, but after a few weeks Kim found out, Nicky made a proposal.

Gabby had no idea that this was all a huge farce behind the scenes as she set out to plan the wedding of her dreams. It was Nicky playing her.

The previous year, it came to light that Nicky was actually the covert son of Frank Tate’s accomplice, Caleb Miligan. Together, they were attempting to overthrow Kim Tate and retake Home Farm. Nicky’s role was to take possession of Gabby’s shares.

But as if that weren’t enough, it was later discovered that Nicky has a thing for men. Ultimately, Nicky told Gabby the truth after realizing he couldn’t go through with the wedding. After Caleb was revealed, Nicky’s pain was so great that he ended up pushing his father off a cliff!

In the aftermath, Caleb’s father made amends with his son and the two moved into the village. Now that his mother and wife Ruby have joined them, Nicky is contentedly settled with Suni Sharma and co-managing his father’s business.

However, it all started this week when Caleb laughed at Nicky’s request for a more equal partnership. After getting wasted, Nicky tries to drive, but Ethan stops him.

But Ethan, who has also been drinking, causes the car to crash. Ethan flees the scene as Nicky is left unconscious by the side of the road. Is Nicky going to make it?

Who plays Nicky and what else has Lewis Cope been in?

Lewis Cope appears in Emmerdale as Nicky. While he has never disclosed his exact age, it is believed that he is approximately 29 years old.

Lewis had appeared in an episode of Doctors before joining Emmerdale. Viewers may be most familiar with him from his part in the ITV series Vera. He appeared in an episode from 2021 as Marcus Hynde. Additionally, the actor shot a scene for the upcoming show Mrs. Sidhu Investigates, which stars Meera Syal.

Lewis had roles in the West End in addition to television. At the age of eleven, he made his stage debut as Billy’s best friend who identifies as gay in Billy Elliot: The Musical.

The skilled dancer was also a member of Ruff Diamond, a street dance group that placed second in the 2013 season of Got To Dance on Sky TV.

Lewis comes from a large family; there are thirteen brothers, sisters, nieces, and nephews! Heave heave.

Last year, he disclosed to The Mirror, “I come from a family of fourteen.” While most of my brothers box, I decided to pursue dance instead. And it was his passion for dancing that brought him and David Beckham together.

Is Lewis Cope related to David Beckham?

Lewis and David are not related, despite certain doubts about it. Nonetheless, in 2020, the two collaborated on an advertisement.

Lewis’s story of becoming a dancer while all of his brothers were boxers impressed the former football player. After that, David used it for his fragrance Bold Instinct.

Lewis disclosed, “David used my story to encourage people to be themselves,” in the same Mirror interview. He interviewed me after we had spent a day filming; he was a really nice guy.

Emmerdale: Is Nicky actor Lewis Cope married?

Lewis is in love even though he is single! The actor from Emmerdale and his girlfriend Rachel Lopez reside in London. It is believed that they have been dating for more than six years.

In addition, Rachel performs. She is a certified pilates instructor in addition to her acting career.

Lewis and Rachel frequently exchange amorous photos with one another. Lewis posted a collection of pictures of them having a good time over the holidays, captioning them, “Six years of Dublin at Christmas with you.” No other way would I have it.

The pair enjoys their vacations as well! Lewis published numerous pictures from a bright summer 2022 vacation to Greece. We’re incredibly envious!