Emmerdale spoilers tonight: Nicky left for dead after car crash horror

spoilers for tonight’s Emmerdale reveal After Ethan wrecks the car they’re in and takes off, Nicky’s life is in jeopardy. Will anyone, though, locate Nicky and assist him?

Kerry, in the meantime, is tracking Pollard and discovering exactly what he did. She therefore devises a retaliation strategy.

Emmerdale on Thursday night, April is aware that things are not going well between Marlon and Rhona. Will they confess it to her, though?

Ethan leaves Nicky for dead

When Nicky asks for Nate’s shares of the company so he can be an equal partner, Caleb makes fun of him, and Nicky has a bad day. When Nicky receives a call from Suni informing him that he is out at a bar and has seen one of the men who participated in the homophobic attack on them last year, he becomes frustrated and starts drinking.

Ethan claims Nicky has consumed too much alcohol, but Nicky wants to drive there to save Suni. Instead, he grabs the wheel.

Ethan notices a police car up ahead on the road as they travel to Suni. He fears he may be overindulging because he is aware that he has also had some alcohol. In order to avoid passing them, he turns around.

Nicky is freaking out in the passenger seat since he can’t get hold of Suni.

Ethan suddenly loses control of the car and crashes. Nicky and Ethan are both rendered unconscious.

Ethan is the first to turn and carefully extracts Nicky from the debris. However, he quickly hides to avoid being discovered when he spots an oncoming car.

Moira is the one who tends to Nicky and makes the ambulance call. Ethan observes from behind a tree before escaping the area completely.

Will Nicky be okay? And will Ethan be caught out?

Kerry finds out the truth in Emmerdale spoilers

Kerry enters Pollard’s barn under false pretenses and manages to access his laptop. Her eyes narrow as she quickly discovers something.

Now that she knows, Pollard sold her necklace and claimed it was worthless, defrauding her of a fortune.

Kerry persuades Tracy to allow her to conduct a cash-only sale at the shop as part of her revenge plan. After that, Kerry ransacks the store while the other villagers seize their deals.

When Pollard discovers what Kerry has done and the precise reason behind it, how will he respond?

Emmerdale spoilers April knows

April is not a moron, despite Rhona and Marlon’s best attempts to conceal their marital disintegration.

Tonight, she acknowledges that she is aware of their issues. Will this, though, be the catalyst they need to get their act together?