Emmerdale: Marlon to suffer another stroke after Rhona split, a new fan theory predicts

Emmerdale viewers are aware that two distinct viewpoints of the same evening were presented during a special dinner party that aired last night (Tuesday, May 7).

Rhona and Marlon had one perspective of the night, and Belle and Tom had the other.

Following Rhona’s dissolution of their marriage, a recent fan theory asserts that Marlon will suffer another stroke.

Emmerdale: Rhona ended her marriage to Marlon

Last night, Rhona and Marlon attended Belle and Tom’s dinner party at their home, despite the fact that their relationship is currently strained.

Rhona, on the other hand, was unable to control her feelings and instead expressed her frustration with Marlon.

Before long, she and Marlon got into a heated argument at the dinner table during which she declared her preference for Ivy over him.

Rhona wanted to leave the dinner party after this, but Marlon persuaded her to stay.

After saying this, Rhona informed Marlon that their marriage was ending.

Emmerdale fan theory: Marlon to fall ill as his marriage ends?

Fans of the soap opera are concerned that Marlon’s recent stress levels could cause him to become ill, given that he and Rhona ended their marriage over a dinner table.

Given Rhona’s recent behavior, they believe he may be having another stroke.

“If Marlon isn’t careful he could have another stroke,” a fan conjured up the theory. He is not doing well right now due to the stress.

“I hope Marlon doesn’t have another stroke with the stress,” said someone else. The plot dragged on for far too long the previous time.

“Marlon, your pettiness is going to bring on either a heart attack or another stroke!” exclaimed a third viewer recently.

Could Marlon have another stroke?

Marlon has been under a lot of stress as a result of his recent arguments with Rhona about Gus and Ivy.

Could this bombshell cause another stroke, given that his marriage ended over a dinner table?