Coronation Street spoilers tonight: Nathan brutally attacked

Tonight’s spoilers for Coronation Street reveal that Nathan Curtis is attacked by an unidentified person. Who then did it?

In addition, Toyah is driven to gather proof that Rowan is not trustworthy, and Bernie receives distressing news regarding her son. But is she endangering herself with this?

Coronation Street spoilers: Nathan attacked

Bethany is certain that Nathan knows what happened to Lauren now that he is free from prison and back in the area. Bethany questions Craig about Nathan’s alibi for the night she vanished, desperate for information.

Craig gives in. Nathan was accompanied by his girlfriend, who works at a nail salon. Bethany reminds Craig Nathan that he was running a tanning salon when he groomed her, and he knows that beauty is his MO.

Sarah, meanwhile, is terribly concerned about her daughter. Bethany confides in Gary that she is scared Nathan will destroy her daughter’s life once more and that she is obsessed with linking Nathan to Lauren’s murder.

Later, Nathan approaches Daniel and Bethany as they walk out into the street. He insists that they quit bugging his girlfriend. Daniel is furious and Bethany has to hold him back.

Soon after Sarah, David, and Gary talk about acting against Nathan, someone actually does.

Nathan is approached from behind as he is wrapping up his work for the day at the construction site. He takes a blow to the head and falls to the ground. Is Nathan no longer alive?

Toyah digs deeper

When Leanne tells Simon that she met someone at The Institute who will assist him in setting up his food delivery app, Toyah becomes suspicious. Toyah is adamant that Simon is pulling a con when he says he’s meeting Jared but needs to borrow some cash.

In search of proof that she is correct, Toyah visits Rowan’s page and searches for hints. She copies down the phone number she finds.

Afterwards, Una, Rowan’s ex, meets with Toyah. She clarifies that she is concerned for her sister’s safety because of her involvement with Rowan and The Institute. Will Una validate Toyah’s deepest suspicions?

Upsetting news for Bernie in Coronation Street spoilers

Bernie tells Dev she’s heading to see Christopher Green today because she has one more on her list.

But when she learns he passed away from cancer, she is devastated. Bernie feels that she will never get to meet her son and that this was her last opportunity.

Will she, however, recognize that she has truly already met Kit?