Is Ella Meena’s former cellmate? Emmerdale fans convinced soap has dropped huge clue over their connection

Ella left Liam’s house quickly last night in the Emmerdale episode that aired on Tuesday, May 14, even though the two were in the middle of a conversation.

She later acknowledged that she was a little anxious and wasn’t used to dating someone seriously.

Fans of Emmerdale now believe that these scenes allude to a significant relationship between Ella and Meena Jutla, the former Emmerdale killer.

Emmerdale: Ella rushed off during breakfast

After spending the night with Liam, Ella was thrilled when he offered to make breakfast for the two of them when they woke up at his house.

Ella agreed to spend the morning with Liam before going into work as she sat down following her shower.

But as the conversation became more serious, Liam began to bring up the subject of Leanna and Meena.

Ella then hurried out of the house, acting as though she had an urgent task to complete.

She later acknowledged that she was attracted to Liam but was unsure of how to react when he brought up Leanna.

Since she had never been in a committed relationship, Liam decided to go slow for the time being.

Emmerdale fans predict huge Ella and Meena connection

Fans now believe Ella has some sort of connection to Meena because she hurried off when Liam mentioned her killer, Meena, and looked at a picture of Leanna.

A fan offered: “Gotcha. When Liam brings up Meena, Ella chooses to leave. Ella was in those prison cells with Meena. Wondering why Ella was inside.

Another forecaster said, “I believe Ella was once Meena’s partner or ex.”

“I wonder if Ella is in love with Meena and wants to take revenge?” inquired a second viewer.

What is Ella hiding?

Next week’s Emmerdale spoilers indicate that Ella is hiding something from Liam.

Ella moves in with Liam after Manpreet discovers that she is living out of her car. She does, however, behave strangely when Mandy begins probing her about her family.

After that, she goes to see a person in a care facility. Who does she visit, though? And is she connected to Meena in any way?