Coronation Street’s Bernie Winter receives devastating blow as past secret resurfaces

ITV has released spoilers for Coronation Street, which airs next week, and they suggest that Bernie Winter is in for a rough ride.

For the past few months, Jane Hazlegrove’s character Bernie Winter on Coronation Street has been struggling to accept that her son Paul Foreman (Peter Ash) is terminally ill from motor neuron disease. Stress alone would be enough to cause odd behavior in anyone, and ITV’s spoilers show that the bereaved grandmother does begin acting strangely.

She has been lying to her daughter Gemma Brown (Dolly-Rose Campbell) about her whereabouts in episodes that will premiere the following week. But Gemma discovers that her cover stories aren’t as clever as she believes, so she asks Dev Alahan (Jimmi Harkishin), Bernie’s boyfriend, to do some research.

Dev anticipates one of Bernie’s typical justifications, considering some of her outrageous schemes over the years. Rather, the knowledge that she has another child, a secret child, confronts him.

She informs her shopkeeper suitor that she gave birth to a third child alongside twins Gemma and Paul, whose full names are Gemini and Apollo. She explains that the boy was looked after; he was given the name Zodiac, or simply Zac, in keeping with her love of astrological names.

She is determined to find him because she knows that his name was changed to Christopher Green after he was later adopted. She is going through a list of men with the same name that she has found and is not enjoying herself.

She has just one person left on her list and is hoping for good fortune. Regretfully, she learns that cancer claimed his life. Bernie, who is distraught and believes she has lost the chance to locate her son, takes a drink.

The actress who plays Bernie, Jane, admits that her search is not entirely fruitful. “It’s a bit of a needle in a haystack,” she continued.

“Well, isn’t that kind of like standard Bernie behavior? Let us simply go knock on the doors of all those who have been called Christopher Green who are roughly the same age. However, nothing will stop her now because it is something she truly needs to do.”

When Jane considers why she is searching after all this time, she suggests that Paul’s terminal illness and the return of her ex-boyfriend Gemma and his father Denny (Danny Cunningham) are the driving forces.

“It was Denny turning up and raking up things from the past and also the fact that Paul is terminally ill, she’s counting down the months and it’s brought back, so many things that she just doesn’t want to think about,” she admitted.

The only other person who is aware of the child is Denny, and he has restarted the entire cycle. She is aware that there is currently no place for him to show sympathy or compassion toward her, and that he might even decide to detonate that bomb in the middle of the family.

She acknowledges, “Interesting times ahead for Bernie.” “She will be upset if she doesn’t find him. There are two possible outcomes if she finds him, isn’t that right? Consequently, she’s adding a layer of complexity to what is already a trying time for the family—typical Bernie making things worse.”