Does Nicky die in Emmerdale? Everything we know about what happens next

After an automobile accident, Nicky Miligan was shown in tonight’s Emmerdale in a bad way. But does he die? While driving at the time, Ethan Anderson fled the scene rather than staying to help Nicky.

At the conclusion of the show, Nicky had a significant brain hemorrhage and was taken to the operating room. Is he going to make it?

Emmerdale tonight

Nicky was angry at his father Caleb for the way he was treating him in the episode that aired on Thursday, May 9. In order to become an equal partner with Caleb, he intended to purchase Nate’s stake in the automobile company. But Caleb just sneered in his direction.

He advised Nicky to be content with his twenty-five percent and to start establishing his credentials and doing work in order to gain more respect. Nicky told his dad to stuff the business and stalked out.

After that, he went to The Hide and began imbibing excessively. He convinced Ethan to come along, as he was enjoying his recent promotion as a human rights attorney.

Soon after, Nicky received a call from a terrified Suni who was holed up in the town bar’s restrooms. Terrified, he recognized one of the homophobic men who had attacked them the previous year.

Nicky got up to drive right away, but Ethan insisted he’d had too much and that he would take the wheel instead. However, Ethan had also been drinking, and he was anxious because he knew he was over the limit when they drove by a police car. After the police car veered to the other side, Ethan crashed due to speeding.

After knocking out both men, Ethan regained consciousness first.

Ethan leaves Nicky to die in Emmerdale

Ethan tried to wake Nicky, even dragging him out of the car at one point, but he was unable to wake his friend. Although Ethan was able to locate a pulse, neither of their phones was functional.

Ethan heard a car approaching and fled, fearing he would be punished for the collision because he was driving too fast. From his concealed spot behind a tree, he observed Moira arrive and tend to Nicky.

She dialed an ambulance right away, but Ethan failed to arrive. He hobbled back to Emmerdale instead.

It was here that he met Caleb, who gave him congrats on his new position. When Caleb questioned Ethan about whether he had seen Nicky, he lied and ignored the accident. Next, Caleb received a call from Moira.

As soon as Ruby and Caleb arrived at the hospital, Nicky was being hurried into surgery. They were informed that he had a severe brain injury and extensive bleeding.

Does Nicky die in Emmerdale?

Nicky is still fighting for his life in a coma next week. However, he is still alive.

Ethan is still lying about what happened in the interim.

Because of their past animosity, Ruby turns to Moira for solace as she worries about her son. In her quest to track down the person who was operating the vehicle, she is also on the hunt. In the meantime, Cain and Caleb make up and promise to find the driver as well. Ethan needed to exercise caution.

Charles notices that Ethan is having trouble and is thinking about something. Worried about his son, he brings him to church and begs him to talk.

Ethan’s admission that he was driving when Nicky was injured shocks Charles. In addition, he asks his father for an alibi and declares he will lie to the police about it.

God forbid Charles agree to it, and before long, Ethan is being taken into custody by the police. Ruby realizes what is happening as he is being taken away and yells at him.

Charles is inconsolable. Will Ethan be charged, though?

And what is in store for Nicky? Will he make it through?