Emmerdale fans complain as show airs third car crash in less than a year: ‘Lazy’

In last night’s Emmerdale, Nicky Miligan and Ethan Anderson were involved in a car accident. Ethan abandoned Nicky for dead in order to escape punishment for exceeding the speed limit, and Nicky was in a bad way.

After witnessing the scenes, viewers were understandably irritated because it was the third vehicle accident the show had featured in less than a year. They insisted that the soap opera’s plots become more inventive.

Emmerdale airs Nicky and Ethan car crash

Nicky was angry at his father Caleb for the way he was treating him in the episode that aired on Thursday, May 9. He got wasted in The Hide and convinced Ethan to come with him, even though Ethan was happy about his recent promotion to senior attorney for human rights.

Soon after, Nicky received a call from a terrified Suni who was holed up in the town bar’s restrooms. Terrified, he recognized one of the homophobic men who had attacked them the previous year.

Ethan offered to drive since he insisted Nicky was too inebriated to do so. However, Ethan had also been drinking, and he was anxious because he knew he was over the limit when they drove by a police car. After the police car veered to the other side, Ethan crashed due to speeding. Despite this, we were not present for the accident itself.

After knocking out both men, Ethan regained consciousness first.

Ethan leaves Nicky to die in Emmerdale

Afraid of getting into trouble for the crash—especially since he was over the limit—Ethan fled when he heard another car approaching after attempting to wake Nicky and eventually dragging him out of the vehicle. From his concealed spot behind a tree, he observed Moira arrive, tend to Nicky, and contact an ambulance.

With only minor cuts on his head, Ethan hobbled back to the village while Nicky was rushed to the hospital for surgery.

When the action picks up the following week, Nicky will be in a coma and Ethan will still be lying about what happened. However, Ethan is taken into custody after Charles notifies the police about his son’s whereabouts.

Other recent car crashes in Emmerdale

After only seven months, or since last October, this is the third crash in the soap opera.

In the first, Mackenzie Boyd and Charity Dingle were in the car with Chloe Harris when she lost control of the vehicle. Mack was able to escape the car when it came to a stop on a precipice. The decision was then his to save Charity or Chloe.

Despite being engaged to Chloe and having a baby with her, Mack reached for Charity’s hand first. Then Chloe leaped off the cliff, but she somehow made it out alive.

Heath Hope, who was involved in a car accident on New Year’s Eve, was not as fortunate. In order to get to a party in Hotten, he, Angelica King, and Cathy Hope went joyriding, and the car lost control. Heath passed away instantly.

It was soon obvious that Angelica was driving, even though everyone thought Cathy had been doing the driving. As punishment for the crime, she was given an eight-month sentence to serve in a secure children’s home.

Fans not impressed

After last night’s crash, viewers at home are less than impressed by the soap opera’s lack of innovation. Some referred to it as a “lazy option,” while others wondered why the accident went unnoticed.

“I’m curious about the salary of the Emmerdale writers. And yet a car crash remains the lazy person’s “go to” option!” mentioned someone on X.

“Another car crash storyline really?” someone else questioned.

Another person yelled, “Ffs how original yet another car crash.”

“Another car crash already?” said a third. A fifth said, “Another vehicle collision? Three within about half a year? Whoa, we’re truly at the bottom of the barrel.

“Does one soap opera require that many car crash plots?” inquired with another person.

Some expressed dissatisfaction over missing the action, writing: “We were also blind to the previous car crash.

“Did I pass out? I didn’t see the car crash site. laughed for a moment.

Another person said, “Wtf was that? Will you not display the crash?