Emmerdale spoilers tonight: Tom takes control of Belle’s finances as he isolates her further

Tonight (Wednesday, May 15), according to Emmerdale spoilers, Tom will continue to mistreat Belle by trying to exert control over another area of her life. He attempts to take financial control over Belle by opening a joint bank account. He also makes an effort to keep Belle away from her relatives. But as Tom assumes … Read more

Is Ella Meena’s former cellmate? Emmerdale fans convinced soap has dropped huge clue over their connection

Ella left Liam’s house quickly last night in the Emmerdale episode that aired on Tuesday, May 14, even though the two were in the middle of a conversation. She later acknowledged that she was a little anxious and wasn’t used to dating someone seriously. Fans of Emmerdale now believe that these scenes allude to a … Read more

Emmerdale fans complain as show airs third car crash in less than a year: ‘Lazy’

In last night’s Emmerdale, Nicky Miligan and Ethan Anderson were involved in a car accident. Ethan abandoned Nicky for dead in order to escape punishment for exceeding the speed limit, and Nicky was in a bad way. After witnessing the scenes, viewers were understandably irritated because it was the third vehicle accident the show had … Read more

Does Nicky die in Emmerdale? Everything we know about what happens next

After an automobile accident, Nicky Miligan was shown in tonight’s Emmerdale in a bad way. But does he die? While driving at the time, Ethan Anderson fled the scene rather than staying to help Nicky. At the conclusion of the show, Nicky had a significant brain hemorrhage and was taken to the operating room. Is … Read more

Emmerdale: Real life of Nicky actor Lewis Cope – from actress girlfriend to David Beckham connection

Thursday, May 9, Nicky in Emmerdale will be left fighting for his life following a car accident. Driver Ethan Anderson left the scene; it’s unclear if he will survive. For actor Lewis Cope, who plays Nicky, it appears that there will be plenty of drama in the upcoming weeks. Thankfully, Lewis has much more stability … Read more

Emmerdale spoilers tonight: Nicky left for dead after car crash horror

spoilers for tonight’s Emmerdale reveal After Ethan wrecks the car they’re in and takes off, Nicky’s life is in jeopardy. Will anyone, though, locate Nicky and assist him? Kerry, in the meantime, is tracking Pollard and discovering exactly what he did. She therefore devises a retaliation strategy. Emmerdale on Thursday night, April is aware that … Read more