The Best Cameras For YouTubers

Have you ever heard of the saying, the best Cameras is the one you have with you? If this is true, then the best camera for you could very well be your smartphone! Of course, if you’re making money by shooting videos on YouTube, this probably isn’t going to cut it. Fortunately, there are many great cameras out there that offer quality video in a small package. After taking into account popular models from leading brands like Sony and Nikon, we think these are the five best cameras for YouTubers!

How to find the best camera for YouTube

The first thing to consider is whether you want a DSLR camera or a mirrorless one. Each type has its own set of benefits and disadvantages, but both can be used for YouTube. A DSLR (digital single-lens reflex) camera will cost more and have higher quality, but if you’re just getting started with videos, you might find it more difficult to use because of its interchangeable lenses. Mirrorless cameras are easier to learn how to use—with fewer knobs and buttons—but they aren’t as good at taking photos in low light situations. Bottom line: You’ll want one that takes great video (720p+) in most lighting conditions without distortion, artifacts or too much noise.

Mobile Phone Cameras

While it may seem silly to suggest using a smartphone’s camera for high-quality vlogging, phones are getting increasingly powerful and there are some excellent options out there. As we all know, YouTube is filled with people with amazing smartphones capable of producing beautiful footage. While many phone cameras don’t match up to higher-end models, these four phones can actually hold their own quite well in comparison. These are not only good vlogging cameras but also great everyday shooters as well. The Galaxy S9+ ($840) is an extremely popular option due to its overall versatility and power for both photography and video.

Professional DSLR Cameras

If you are serious about your videos and want a professional standard of video quality, then choosing a DSLR for YouTube is a good choice. Professional DSLRs often have interchangeable lenses, advanced manual controls and long battery life which are all crucial to getting high-quality shots. But it’s worth remembering that they can be quite bulky as well as expensive, so if you’re just starting out on YouTube, then there may be other camera options better suited to you. We’ve reviewed several great cameras for YouTube below – if you’re considering investing in one of these then head over to our reviews where we go into more detail about each camera: Canon EOS 6D Mark II , Canon EOS 5D Mark IV , Nikon D750 and Sony A7S II .

Mirrorless Camera Systems

These smaller, lighter cameras are ideal for capturing video. They are typically more expensive than DSLRs but offer top-notch picture quality and some even allow you to swap lenses. Nikon’s full-frame mirrorless camera systems—the Z7 and Z6—are both excellent choices for videographers. The Canon EOS R, another full-frame model, is also worth a look. And if you’re not ready to spend big bucks on a mirrorless system but still want something small and portable, Sony’s A6400 offers professional performance in a compact package at an affordable price.

Video Vlogging Cams

Getting Started – Vlogging used to be a word that was pretty much only known by those in broadcasting, but over time it has slowly seeped into everyday life. It has been given new life thanks to YouTube and other social media platforms where ordinary people can stream videos online for an audience of millions. If you have decided to try your hand at vlogging, then you will need one important tool – a camera. But if you are like most first-time vloggers, trying to choose which camera to buy can be an intimidating process. Luckily for you, we have compiled a list of cameras that are sure to give you great performance without having to sell your first born child in order to pay for them.